Sisters’ Class is now being held on Saturdays at 5:00pm at the Islamic Center of Greensboro. Topics include Qur’an and Fiqh studies. Sister Hager Elhassan is the instructor and can be reached for more information at (336) 255-8502 or by email at ummaysara@hotmail.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please join us to learn more about Islam, strengthen your faith, and Insha’Allah to also strengthen your bonds with your Muslim Sisters. Below is a listing of lecture topics also available to everyone from Monday-Sunday between Maghrib and Isha:

All events are held between Maghrib and Isha unless otherwise listed.


Day Lecture By
Mondays Qur’an Recitation & Tafseer Imam Yaser Ahmed
Tuesdays Seerah & Islamic history Imam Yaser Ahmed
Wednesdays Study of the hadith Imam Yaser Ahmed
Thursdays Qur’an Recitation & Tafseer Imam Yaser Ahmed
Fridays Fiqh classes Imam Yaser Ahmed

Weekends offer two alternating sessions Saturdays from Maghrib to Isha, as well as Sisters’ Class at 5:00pm! Sundays also feature two classes, one for New Muslims & Non-Muslims at 2:30 and an Aqeedah class led by Imam Yaser between Maghrib & Isha.

Sisters’ Class (Qur’an & Fiqh) by Sister Hager Elhassan