One of our duties as Muslims, especially living in a non-Muslim country, is to educate our neighbors and coworkers about Islam. We are obligated to invite others to the True Religion and to help them understand the peaceful nature of Islam. In times such as these, when Islam is receiving negative representation in the media and is often misunderstood, it is so important for us to each do our part in shining the Light of Truth into the darkness all around us.

After September 11, 2001, many local churches, schools, and organizations contacted the Islamic Center of Greensboro to request members of our Center to come and speak and explain Islam to them. We had the opportunity to go into the community like never before, bringing the Truth of Islam to so many.

Now that September 11 seems more in the past than in the present, we do not receive so many invitations, and that is all the more reason why each member of our Ummah should take it upon himself or herself to demonstrate in all our words and actions, the Beauty, Peacefulness, and Truth of Islam.

Remember that you are representing your people, your brothers and sisters in Islam, and that whatever you say or do reflects upon us all. May Allah (SWT) Reward you with the Best of Rewards.