Please come to the Islamic Center of Greensboro on Sundays (By Appointment Only) to attend our class for New Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Welcome to the New Muslims’ Page! In this section you will find information for New Muslims about upcoming events, classes and other activities. Scroll down to see the events list. We pray that your participation will help you to Insha’Allah learn more about Islam and make new friends from among your Muslim brothers and sisters.

You have entered the Light of Truth and a new world in which you will find yourself tested like never before. Shaytan doesn’t waste his time on people who have gone astray – he already has them. He devotes most of his energy trying to lead us astray, the people who have found the Truth and are striving for the Pleasure of Allah (SWT).

During your period of adjustment, you may find it very hard to find peace in your life, as family, friends, and coworkers often have trouble understanding and accepting such a change. We have many people in our Ummah (community of Muslims) who have been down this road and understand exactly what you are going through. If you would like to talk to someone, to find someone else who is or was a new Muslim and had to experience all of the trials and tribulations which you now face, please don’t hesitate to email us and we will get you in touch with someone who has been there. Congratulations! You have done the best thing in your Life. We are so grateful that you have had the veil lifted and that you can see the Truth of Islam. Alhamdulillah!

Below is a list of lecture topics presented weekly:

All events are held between Maghrib and Isha unless otherwise listed.

Day Lecture By
Mondays Qur’an Recitation & Tafseer Imam Yaser Ahmed
Tuesdays Seerah & Islamic history Imam Yaser Ahmed
Wednesdays Study of the hadith Imam Yaser Ahmed
Thursdays Qur’an Recitation & Tafseer Imam Yaser Ahmed
Fridays Fiqh classes Imam Yaser Ahmed

Weekends offer two alternating sessions Saturdays from Maghrib to Isha, as well as Sisters’ Class at 5:00pm! Sundays also feature two classes, one for New Muslims & Non-Muslims (By Appointment Only) and an Aqeedah class led by Imam Yaser between Maghrib & Isha.

For more information about Islam, New Muslims & Non-Muslims you can contact brother
Essa Wood
by phone:336-404-3504 or
by email: whitemattbass@gmail.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.