Please come to ICG every night Monday and Sunday between Maghrib and Isha to learn more about Islam and strengthen your bonds with your Muslim Brothers. Below is a list of lecture topics presented weekly:

All events are held between Maghrib and Isha unless otherwise listed.


Day Lecture By
Mondays Qur’an Recitation & Tafseer Imam Yaser Ahmed
Tuesdays Seerah & Islamic history Imam Yaser Ahmed
Wednesdays Study of the hadith Imam Yaser Ahmed
Thursdays Qur’an Recitation & Tafseer Imam Yaser Ahmed
Fridays Fiqh classes Imam Yaser Ahmed

Weekends offer two alternating sessions Saturdays from Maghrib to Isha, as well as Sisters’ Class at 5:00pm! Sundays also feature two classes, one for New Muslims & Non-Muslims at 2:30 and an Aqeedah class led by Imam Yaser between Maghrib & Isha.